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What We Do

Broken But Not Destroyed provides a unique environment for each client. The atmosphere is not one of a typical homeless shelter but rather one of a clean, comfortable home.

Homelessness has been stigmatized to be individuals of mental illness, substance abuse, and crime. However, the reality of it is that it can happen to anyone. Many of the people experiencing homelessness have dealt with adversities in their life and our goal is to help them whether it’s a middle class worker who got laid off, victims of a tragic event like Hurricane Sandy, or those who struggle with substance abuse or mental illness.

We feel it is our job at Broken But Not Destroyed to give them the space and environment they need to get back on their feet and transition into living on their own in society. There are many ways in which we help with this transition and watch individuals who were broken down by the challenges in their life get spiritually reawakened into a stronger being and active participant in society.